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Selected Wills of Our Ancestors

Here are those wills that we have come across of our direct ancestors. Each is on its own page as they can be quite lengthy. If you come across a will of a person in our Family Tree please e-mail us with either the will its self or how we can obtain a copy of it to place here. Thanks!

Richard Austin

Richard Church

Mary Chilton

Edmund Ingalls

Stephen Hopkins

Richard Kimball

Annis Austin Littlefield

Edmund Littlefield

Francis Littlefield

William Sprague

James Warren

Thomas Leighton

William Moulton

Thomas Spencer

Clement Briggs

Francis Norwood Sr.

Honorable Thomas Paine

Captain Paul Sears

Daniel Thurston

Daniel Thurston - the "Kinsman"

John Wheeler

John Winslow

Gyles Hopkins

Thomas Philbrick

Margaret Warren

William Marston

James Rogers

William Lumpkin

George Hall

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